May-December affairs: When women are the ‘December,’ it feels right and just

For many years, my view of May-December relationships was fairly traditional, informed mostly by observations in my early life in the Philippines.

“December,” in the case of local men, were older, almost exclusively wealthy and well-known businessmen, politicians or entertainers who looked for “May” women who were at least 15 years their junior, beautiful and educated (but not too much of either) and with some degree of penury to keep them dependent.

The “May” women were attracted more by money and power than by looks or youth, and accepted their questionable status as better than no status at all.

In the case of foreign men, many of whom came to the Philippines for this specific purpose, they were mostly retired workers with pensions, looking for what Americans call a “two-fer,” a giver of both care and sex. Their “May” women would be better described as girls, at least 25 years …