Putting Michigan First...Again!

Implementing an agenda that puts Michigan First will make sure that Michigan becomes on track to be 1st. Michigan wasn’t just 1st in the country, we were 1st in the world.

We were the automobile capital. We were the manufacturing epicenter of the globe. We led in cars, chemicals, retailing, cereal, and helped win a world war. Michigan has made great strides in the past eight years because of the leadership at our state level, but the help from our Senators hasn’t been there. Debbie Stabenow cares more about what Chuck Schumer thinks than how struggling Michiganders live. Things are going to change. We are going to implement policies at the federal level that put Michigan First, and that is going to make Michigan 1st in the statistics that matter.

That means 1st in job creation. That means 1st in wages. That means 1st in education. That means 1st in entrepreneurship. We can create the future in mobility, healthcare, and manufacturing.

We are going to put Michigan First.

Michigan First: Create Great Jobs

We are going to make Michigan First in job creation. We are going to provide purpose and meaning through good jobs, not dependency through entitlements. I advised the turnaround of some of the county’s largest companies Chrysler, TJX, Navistar, Sprint, Time Warner and started and run my own companies. I know what it takes to create jobs. As an economist I understand we need to fix the tax code and decrease regulations. We will create great jobs by empowering Michigan citizens and businesses rather than dictating results and pathways from Washington.

Michigan First: Improve education; reward performance, create competition and choice

We are going to make Michigan First by emphasizing the benefits of choice and competition in our schools. We will embrace technology and reward performance by our teachers rather than simply rewarding seniority.

Michigan First: Re-negotiate Unfair Trade Deals

We are going to put Michigan First by renegotiating trade deals so that companies are incentivized to create and maintain the good jobs here in Michigan rather than send them to China and Mexico.

Michigan First: Reform Entitlements

We are going to put Michigan first by putting people to work and reforming entitlement programs while protecting seniors on social security and medicare. There are over 100 means tested entitlement programs. Many of these programs spend billions on projects whose long term effects harm those they are intended to help. Most of the programs incentivize single parent households over dual family living. This bias is destructive to the children and parents it intends to help.

Michigan First: Crack-Down on Illegal Immigration

We are going to put Michigan First by cracking down on illegal immigration and ensuring jobs that can be done by Michigan workers are done by Michigan workers. We will enhance our border security and create borders which are impenetrable by illegal immigrants. We will support the rule of law by defunding sanctuary cities.

Michigan First: Protect the Great Lakes

We are going to put Michigan First by investing in and protecting our Great Lakes. They are one of our nation’s greatest treasures. We are going to use funds which Debbie Stabenow wants to send to China and India via the Paris Climate Treaty to clean up our environment in Michigan and create urban parks. We will not have the people of Lansing, Detroit, Saginaw and other Michiganders pay to take their jobs to Mumbai, Beijing and Shanghai.

Michigan First: Fight for Projects

We are going to put Michigan First by fighting for defense, transportation, and other projects that are currently going to other states.

Pro-2nd Amendment

I strongly support second amendment rights. The right to carry arms is and was the bulwark of liberty. This is not simply an issue of sports use or self defense. The second amendment right to carry arms is a bulwark for protecting freedom and repelling tyranny. In the Federalist papers the primary framer of the bill of rights James Madison contrasted the United States to the European kingdoms, which he contemptuously described as "afraid to trust the people with arms." He assured his fellow citizens that they need never fear their government because of "the advantage of being armed." I will stand with our founding principles.


I am pro life. My wife and I think abortion is wrong. I will act to defund Planned Parenthood. Roe vs. Wade was wrongly decided. Legislating from the bench and stripping the states of rights granted to them in the constitution by judicial fiat is an abuse of power which undermines democracy and trust in the rule of law. I will fight for judges who interpret the law based on its intent and not their personal viewpoints of society.


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