Pensler Plan


We must build the wall and stop illegal immigration. We must eliminate the diversity lottery program. We should change our immigration system to be based on merit and expand skilled entrepreneurial and guest workers.

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Defense spending

NATO, Japan and South Korea must pay their fair share for defense. In the interim while they are ramping up their own defense spending they should directly contribute their underpayment of the 2% treaty obligation to a general pool to be split proportionally based on the overspend of other treaty members.

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The acceleration of healthcare costs is the biggest driver of our deficit. The United States spends 18% of its GDP on healthcare. Healthcare costs per person are expected to exceed $10,000 this year.

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Opioids, mental health and prison reform

The opioid epidemic is out of control. This year over 70,000 people are expected to die from opioid usage. We must develop computer algorithms to monitor distribution of opioids and change incentives to avoid over prescription.

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Family detention

There has been much made of the horrors of separating families at the border. While I believe family detention centers are preferable we have a long history of not jailing children with their arrested parents.

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Welfare Reform

We must reform our welfare programs. Jobs provide purpose and meaning in life. Welfare programs should be reformed to put people to work rather than creating dependency. Currently there are over a hundred programs.

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Foreign aid

We should not fund governments and organizations which hate us; like the PLO. We should reduce our funding to Pakistan, Ethiopia and other countries that do not support us.

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Social Security

We need to protect Social Security to insure its future. We need to establish a blue ribbon panel to recommend adjustments for the OASI (Old Age Survivor Insurance) program so we can make sure it has sufficient funds to survive into the next century and beyond.

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Education has always been a focus in my life. I taught adults how to read and write when I was on the board of directors of Literacy Volunteers of America with Barbara Bush.

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Environment and Energy

I agree with President Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris climate Accord. Instead of sending dollars from Michigan to China and India I’d invest in protecting our Great Lakes

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Federal government pay levels

Federal pay levels especially at lower skill levels are substantially higher than those in the private sector. The biggest differential is in benefits such as vacation pay and pension benefits.

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Tax reform

We need to continue to drive towards lower rates and simplification of the tax code. I believe there are huge opportunities for simplification such as flat taxes and or fewer rate classes.

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Waste and program elimination

There are lots of programs which are simply wasteful and should be eliminated. For example, we pay utilities because we did not complete the Yucca mountain storage facility despite having prepared the site and having done all of the geological work.

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Regulatory reform

President Trump’s administration deserves tremendous credit for turning around the huge momentum of the ever increasing regulatory state.

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Cost containment and growth

I have assumed that strong growth in the economy can be coupled with much slower growth in the operating costs of various departments.

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Trade and tariffs

I taught economics at Harvard and Yale. I believe free and fair trade adds value to all involved. That is not what we have. China has 25% tariffs on our American made cars and parts. We have a 2.5% tariff on theirs.

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Pensler plan for returning car production to Michigan

In the new era of autonomous vehicles cars will become smaller and passenger car production will likely become more prominent.

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Savings ($Billions)

Healthcare $300 Billion
Prison Reform $5 Billion

Defense Contributions

Nato $150 Billion
Japan $95 Billion
Immigration $45 Billion
Welfare reform $90 Billion
Foreign Aid $15 Billion
Department of Education $10 Billion
Federal pay benefits $10 Billion
Waste (Yucca, CFPB) $15 Billion
Growth/cost contain $115 Billion

Total Savings $850 billion/yr

These savings should be sufficient to balance the budget.

*This is meant to be a broad outline and should not be used for exact computations.  

Culture Issues

Pro Life

We must reject a throw-away society which kills millions of unborn children every year. We must defund Planned Parenthood and appoint conservative judges who will not legislate from the bench creating new rights which are not part of our founding documents.

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Second Amendment

We must protect essential rights put forward in the constitution. The second amendment is a bulwark of liberty. It was not meant to simply provide for recreational or personal use of arms but to be protection against tyranny of the state in the event of constitutional breakdown.

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I went to Harvard Law School and understand the constitution as one of the greatest documents in the history of mankind. I clerked on the second highest court in the country as a clerk on the federal Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. I understand the judicial process and believe judges must be appointed who interpret the law as written rather than steal legislative power reserved for the people.

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Blue Lives Matter

I believe in American exceptionalism! America is under challenge. If we do not believe in our form of government and traditions we will be unable to repel foreign and domestic challenges in the future from China and from within and our wonderful experiment of government by and for the people will perish from the earth.

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We are one nation “under God”. We must not reject religion from our public discourse. That is tantamount to endorsing atheism. In God we have always trusted and should continue to trust.

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Market Economy and American Opportunity

I was born and raised in Detroit. I received scholarships and worked my way through college and law school. I came out of school with student debt. I did not have a family business or inheritance to rely on. I started my own company.

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